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File:Favicon.icoFile:Hud avatar black wolf.pngFile:Hud avatar dhol.png
File:Hud avatar grey wolf.pngFile:Hud avatar mexican wolf.pngFile:Hud avatar snow wolf.png
File:Hud btn skill area life.pngFile:Hud btn skill battle orders.pngFile:Hud btn skill critical boost.png
File:Hud btn skill damage boost.pngFile:Hud btn skill double claw.pngFile:Hud btn skill fire nova.png
File:Hud btn skill flame spin.pngFile:Hud btn skill frost bite.pngFile:Hud btn skill frost nova.png
File:Hud btn skill hurricane.pngFile:Hud btn skill ice spikes.pngFile:Hud btn skill instant life.png
File:Hud btn skill life.pngFile:Hud btn skill life steal.pngFile:Hud btn skill overhead.png
File:Hud btn skill overhead2.pngFile:Hud btn skill poison nova.pngFile:Hud btn skill speed boost.png
File:Hud btn skill venom.pngFile:Hud btn skill venomous.pngFile:Joystick.png
File:THE WOLF ONLINE SIMULATOR - GAMEPLAY ANDROIDFile:The Wolf Online Simulator (Android) - Gameplay Episode 7 - Singa BetinaFile:The Wolf Online Simulator (Android) Gameplay Episode 1 - Lawan Beruang!
File:The Wolf Online Simulator (Android) Gameplay Episode 2 - Naik LevelFile:The Wolf Online Simulator (Android) Gameplay Episode 3 - Berburu Bersama AlphaFile:The Wolf Online Simulator (Android) Gameplay Episode 4 - Berburu Rubah
File:The Wolf Online Simulator (Android) Gameplay Episode 5 - Lawan Banteng Ramean!File:The Wolf Online Simulator (Android) Gameplay Episode 6 - Makan RusaFile:Wiki-background

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