There are currently 2 modes to choose from, CO-OP Hunting and PVP Arena.

CO-OP Hunting

In hunting mode, you gain experience from hunting animals, and other wolves are your allies. You can fight stronger and bigger animals together!

PVP Arena

PVP mode splits the pack in 2 teams. You can hunt animals just like in the hunting mode, but beware - the opposite team are your enemies too!



The joystick at the bottom left of the screen is used to move your character. Drag the handle around in the direction you want your wolf to move.


The panel in the bottom right corner is your attack and skills. The big button is standard attack, the three smaller ones are your special skills.


The buttons in the middle are, from left to right: chat keyboard, attributes, skills, scoreboard, den teleport.


Scoreboard shows the current players on the map and how well they're doing. The best player is marked as the Alpha of the pack. The Alpha gets the ability to open a portal in a desired spot, which the other wolves can teleport to by using the button above the attack panel. To open the portal as an Alpha, use the howling button which appears above your attack buttons as well.