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• 9/2/2018

Bigger Differentiation Between Males And Females?

In the game, you are able to change your gender of wolf. When you play, people are able to tell if you are a boy or girl by the sex symbol, located by your name.

In nature, female wolves are somewhat smaller than the male. They are shorter, and seem thinner. The male wolves on the other hand, are bigger, fluffier, and heavy set.

Maybe they could make that difference in the Male and Female wolf avatars. The coat colors (skins) would still look the same, but the body type would look different.
Do you think this would be beneficial for players?
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• 9/3/2018
Just a note: there shouldn't be a disadvantage if you're a female: like being weaker etc.
• 9/4/2018
Right, right. It wouldn't change the strength at all.
• 9/13/2018
They should increase the size of the males. You're abilities will be upgraded by you like how it it already.
• 9/16/2018
I (being the science geek that I am) do believe there should be an advantage to being a male or female. For example, males are larger but slower, and should have a damage advantage using brute force (double claw and fire abilities for example) and females are smaller and faster, and should have an advantage using speed and cunning (overhead triple claw and healing/ice abilities). That way, certain advantages one sex has over the other are balanced out because the males can do more damage, but the females can heal it more quickly. That was girls don't feel like guys are getting an advantage, or the other way around.
• 9/21/2018
That's okay I guess. *Just that the Dev's have to do lots of work ;/*
Maybe like this:
Male: Strength enhanced by a bit, slower
Female: Faster, slightly weaker
But the advantages and disadvantages must be equal.
• 10/12/2018

Wouldn't the males and/or females get upset over one being faster or stronger? I personally think that they should stay the same. Because it wouldn't necessarily be fair if one was stronger or faster. I think it should stay the same for now. Also, The speed effects show fast you attack so the females would have a faster bite and overall the attack would equal out. The females would be faster with no male advantages (Despite the males having a higher attack level the females attack bite would be faster and cancel it out). Just an opinion.

• 11/9/2018

I was only talking about changing the appearances, not the powers, or weaknesses. :o

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