Normally packs are automatically defined in co-op, namely the people in the room. But sometimes some of them aren't really playing with everyone else. They just seem to be stealing kills and running around others.

So, firstly, I would like to state that there should be a feature called invite to pack, as in a button, so that the pack of friends(who are invited into the pack) can contact each other and join each other's games easily. As much as possible, there can be a group chat for convenience, because wolves socialize a lot.

Secondly, I suggest there can be a private room where only the pack hunts in. Normally wolves, as much as the game can imitate, don't just step into another pack's territory(in the game it's the room/temporary hunting pack) and say, “Hello I'm your new pack member!” and then five minutes later, the player exits the room. Most stay together unless they have to disperse. So my suggestion is that the pack can have lots of members, and most of the time at least two players are active together. There can be other close friends who are playing filling up the spaces in the room.

Problems(and suggested solutions):

If everyone creates a pack just because they want to be the Alpha, it's not very fair, so I suggest the Alpha should be the highest leveled wolf, the betas are the lower ranked, and so on.

The pack may have too many members, making it hard to manage as there is too much data, so I think there should be a limitation as to how many wolves can be invited to the pack.

Sometimes gamers play a lot to make sure he/she is the Alpha, so I suggest that there should be a level restriction, where if your level is too low/high, you have to be assigned to another pack, if possible, to a pack that you have friends in.

That's for now! I might have other suggestions in the future but this is all for now.