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I think that alphas should be able to choose a beta, and that it wouldn't be dependant on points or kills, as in a pack, it would be the alphas choice or the alphas mate. It would be the same as an alpha, except the wouldn't be able to howl, only to teleport to their alpha whenever.
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It's a nice idea, but since the ranks are based on how many points/kills the players have, I think it should stay that way.
That could work, because favouritism isn't great. Added to the point.
That’s true as well. Maybe if the Beta wanted to howl there could be a feature that allows them to send a request to the Alpha to make a portal since some Alphas prefer hunting solo.
I agree, but I also think it should not be according to favour. According to wildlife, there are TWO alphas, TWO betas, a number of deltas and an omega, and each should have the ability to call to the rest of the pack. For example, the Alpha can call all members, betas can call two deltas and an omega, deltas can call an omega and omegas can call no one. if there are only five wolves, then one alpha, one beta, two deltas, one omega. Four wolves, then one alpha, one beta, one delta, one omega. Three wolves, one alpha, one beta, one omega. Two wolves, one alpha and one omega. If not, some of the pack(e.g. two wolves) might find two musk ox but the alpha is not there, and are forced to give up the prey and find other prey.
That's true, but in real life, there is both a male and female alpha/beta rather than two alphas/betas of the same gender. And the alpha rank in the game is based on the number of points you have. For example, what if the two players with the highest points in the server were both female? I also think having a bunch of ranks would be troublesome considering the fact you can only have 8 players in CO-OP and 4 players per team in PVP.
That's easy to solve. just make it one alpha, one/two beta(s), one/a few delta(s) and one omega. In PvP it fits well too. Basically my idea is that we should be able to call over pack members so that we won't be forced to give up large hp&dmg and exp prey/enemy(sometimes four red team wolves swarm up and kill you when all your blue teammates are running to find you) when others are running long distances to find one.
That works. I don't see the point in an omega though, as some players might get teased or bullied for being it.
Right. But there can be the name of an omega but it's the same/very similar to delta. It's kinda weird if there's no omega. e.g. omegas can call deltas, but perhaps a limit of three(in co-op)? Anyway you don't need that many wolves to hunt. So I guess it's okay and the limit doesn't really matter. Also I heard that lots of people insisted on chat-moderators, like, some people in the game able to delete others' post in the chat to prevent bullying, teasing, et cetera.
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