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• 3/19/2018


So I was playing and a friend of mine said that we should be mates in the game. We both were relatively new and dindn't know how. If you know how please let me know. I do believe u cant though.
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• 3/21/2018
hello I played this game two years I reached the highest level invested a lot of money in the skills that my account has been blocked by the creators of this game I do not understand why I have thousands of emails that do not answer my money has been stolen Many players have gone through the same, this game is very sad
• 3/31/2018
I agree also if you have a mate u can mate together. Also there is support to be a special area that only you and you're mate can enter. But after they mate they both have the choice to have a cub but the cub is basically a follower that also fights. So that's ,y perspective. Please add this to the game because then it would actually be like in the wild.
• 6/3/2018
You can be your friend's mate if you want to, but currently The Wolf does not have a feature that supports having a mate or pups.
• 7/9/2018
Currently the newest version has a friend system so you can be your friend's “mate” or vice versa. There isn't a pup option now, but you can ask other players if they want to be your “pup” but it's going to be very weird because your “pup” is so big and old enough to disperse the second it's born. You should see the discussions in the forum. Many people insist on theidea of having pups and being to mate.
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