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• 2/4/2018

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Levels in PVP.

So basically I have 3.6k worth of health (level 45) and the games that are being assigned to me have players level 50 with 12k health. I cannot fight and I cannot help the other players on my team. I don’t know how to lodge this but I feel like something needs to be done.
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• 3/10/2018
I agree with you, something needs to be done. The game is not as enjoyable if you are dying constantly. They should organise players into the rooms by statistics, so the game is fair.
• 3/14/2018
I completely agree! I hardly ever go into pvp for that reason...
• 3/21/2018
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• 4/4/2018
I have made comments on the forum about this. I had to stop playing PvP, because it just became a frustrating, pointless waste of time. At the present time we have three options, 1. Spend a ridiculous amount of money to upgrade, 2. Spend months of constant playing coop to upgrade, or 3. Wait for an update that fixes the severe imbalance. I'm getting really bored with coop at this point, and I'm not spending hundreds of dollars just to play PvP, if there isn't an update soon, The Wolf will end up uninstalled. I hope it does not come to that, I really like this game alot, it has the potential to be a perfect game, but this issue is the one the developers need to fix asap, or players will quit, leave bad reviews, revenue will plummet, and another game will die.
• 6/3/2018
You probably already know this, but the reason why you're with Level 50 players is because PVP is organized by level. Hopefully the Devs will sort players by their stats in the future.
• 7/16/2018
Sometimes you CAN use trickery to kill those wolves. It's going to be great if you are blue team. There's a trap where you can “save” red team wolves for later killing, because they can't come out, and they have only two options: 1. respawn 2. wait there to heal, and none of which is a good idea bc you can kill them, attack them repeatedly. Sure, you'll die, but there would be a promising amount of exp.
Anyway, either those other wolves hacked the game, or maybe they spent lots of money. I'll go with the former. Not many people are willing to spent so much on upgrading stats. But yeah, the room is normally based on levels of wolves, not really stats. It shouldn't happen very often though. I'm not sure why, but my PVP is okay. Maybe it's bc I'm lvl 32 but yes the most I've been with is probably lvl 40
• 7/16/2018
I think the Devs have fixed this issue. Now I usually don't see any players lower than 4K in PVP, and I am an 8K at this time of writing.
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